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Monday, August 17, 2009

Saltaire Trounces POW in Tennis Match

A squad of 14 Saltaire men traveled to Point o' Woods on August 14 for a seven match tennis tournament. Saltaire prevailed, 5-2. Follow for more on this story...


BigE. said...

SALTAIRE lineup was:

#1 Vinny Perna - Kelly Durcan (won in a very close tiebreaker)
#2 Dylan Patterson- Steve Carroll (lost)
#3 Matt Sirovich- Jeremy Mindich (won)
#4 Paul Kahn- Aaron Harnick (won)
#5 Ben Terk- Lee Nadler (won)
#6 Brian DeLeeuw- Evan Ruster (lost)
#7 Tom Jakobson- Alex Chefetz (won)

BigE. said...

Bit of background from Dylan Patterson, as told to Hugh O'B: About a month ago, Dunewood challenged Saltaire to a "Davis Cup" style tennis match. This match will be played (in Saltaire) Friday Sept 4th from 12pm-4pm. There will be 2 singles matches and 3 doubles matches (all men). Matt Sirovich is organizing this event.

When I (editor's note: that's Dylan) heard that there was enough interest to host Dunewood, about two weeks ago I contacted Point O' Woods' head tennis pro Peter Heffernan (who incidentally taught me tennis ~20 years ago at the Heights Casino in Brooklyn) and asked "how about a Saltaire-POW tennis match?" I had played a junior match vs POW about 15 years ago, but I cannot recall there ever being a mens match. .. Matt please feel free to add detail if you are aware of more Saltaire-POW history. The head tennis pro was willing to host us, but the best available date was 10 days later, so we needed to quickly get a squad together. So Matt Sirovich and I rounded up 14 of the most seasoned Saltaire tennis players we could find.

Yesterday at 11:30am we met on the dock and took 3 boats down to POW (thanks to Jim McCann, Jeff Meluso, and Saltaire YC who provided transportation). All 7 matches went on simultaneously (they have 11 courts) and when all was said and done, we ended up winning 5-2. Most of the matches were very competitive especially the #1 match which came down to the final tie-breaker points... note that they played an Australian college player/teaching pro to match up against our Vinny Perna, who won... !