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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bill Ervin is Back with a Band -- Listen Live Tonight

Bill Ervin writes:

Subject: Live Music for My Out of State Friends & Family

> Greetings old friends (and for most of you I do mean old at this point),
> The biggest problem with living in Colorado for over 30 years (oy..) is
that I don't get to see you all very often, and never in some cases.
> However, you do continue to be very present in my thoughts and the
conversations I have about my "former life"...btw, when/where was that
> You may not know that I have gotten back into music and have been
writing, arranging and playing keyboards with a jazz band (or at least one
with lots of jazz influences) for a few years now. One of my daughters
sarcastically suggested that as geezers we should call ourselves "The Hip
Replacements", we liked the Hip reference and we took her advice.
> Turns out The Hip Replacements will be featured live on the radio
tomorrow night (Mon May 4th) from 7-8PM Mtn time ((9-10 Eastern) on our
local public radio station, KGNU. You can stream the broadcast live at
> The show is called "Kabaret" and they will archive it for a month or so
if you can't catch it live.

> At least you'll be up to date on my musical activities of late if you
choose to listen. I imagine that music playing a big part in my life seems
like a pretty normal condition to those of you who knew me when, but I
assure you it has been quite a change for me after some 20 years of not
playing much at all. Sure am glad I have it back now!
> Cheers,
> Bill Ervin

(ED note: Don't worry, he is not gonna do "Slow down Moses."


More than a clever name, the Hip Replacements are seven guys with backgrounds as diverse as the music they play. Scientists, entrepreneurs, hard-working 9-to-5-ers, jazz-lovers, trained musicians, self-taught players, and family guys whose kids have flown the nest, they are all united by their dedication to playing and performing jazz, Hip

Replacement style.

That style brings to mind words like engaging, approachable, melodic, surprising, fresh and distinctive. The Hips’ four-piece horn section (seven different instruments in all) sets the tone: rich textures and a big sound backed by piano, bass and drums. Want vocals? How about three singers, each with a different vocal style… And the band’s wide-ranging repertoire seals the deal with lots of originals, classic jazz, Blue-Note tunes, and new versions of familiar songs — even some jazz-tinged funk and rock. The group will keep you on your musical toes, which will most likely be tapping.

Popular with people of all ages, the Hip Replacements have drawn enthusiastic audiences wherever they have played. To wit: “I loved your recent gig, which I can only describe as wall to wall music”… “Your arrangements were so full of many delicious colors of sound, the performance so well practiced and crafted...” or “…thanks for all the work and musicianship that made the night so rich for me.”

But enough horn-tooting already… Why don’t you have the experience yourself? Come on out to Nissi’s and hear the group blow those horns in person. Treat your ears to some live jazz, Hip Replacement style.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing Bill's band. I also hooked up with one of my old bandmates in a band called Night Train that played mostly blues. My brother Pete put up our jamming at his website,

Pete has some awesome pictures of our family at his site as well.

Richard McM

cosmo said...

Bill and his band are fantastic! I'll try to get them for the next Saltaire Reunion.