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Monday, February 2, 2009

Fishing in the Old Days

One of these pictures was used as the cover for a family produced book we did about my dad, Dr. Richard McManus. Three of the individuals are clear to me. My dad and his best friend in Saltaire, Herb Brodkin, and Bob Nelson, former Yacht Club guy. The other I THINK is Tom Ervin, but perhaps I am crazy. I think that because that is the group that often fished together, and I recall a day at the Point with that group (and Billy Ervin--and someone else).
BUT my sister thinks it is Mr. Bentley. My memory is just not that great, so put this one up there for folks to identify. The picture was taken at the Keegan house looking out at Coffee Flats. I suspect that is the Sea Lapp out there on the mooring.
The other picture is easier. The picture was taken on the Bentley porch and has Dad along with Herb Brodkin and Bob Nelson.
Figure you may need more pictures. BTW now that Liz is on the team Jimmy is definitely moving even further down the 'good looks' scale, as Liz is one of the all time Saltaire beautiful women. It was great to see her at the reunion! (Though why she hangs with us fossils is certainly a bit unclear).

Richard McManus


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like they were seriously mistreating those fish.

Anonymous said...

There were no PETA folks in Saltaire and the fish were on their own. I DO remember being with my dad when he caught his FIRST striped bass, which was a bit bigger than a snapper, topping the charts at about a foot, maybe a foot and a half long. Dad had spent many hours throwing a lure into the ocean between Saltaire and Kismet, so he was thrilled with this catch. Naturally his close friend, Herb Brodkin brought him back to earth by asking him why he didn't throw it back so it could grow up.

Dad was kind of crushed. But he never stopped fishing! BTW I am staying anonymous (though I am Richard M) because my google account doesn't seem to want to log me in.