Could everyone write one simple essay about something that once happened in Saltaire…that they saw or were a part of…and put it on one big website? Somebody should collect a lot of stories before we all forget. Otherwise it is like a line in “On The Beach” : The history of the war that now would never be written.” -(JO'H)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Saltaire XXXVIII Super Bowl XLII Super Quiz

You can post your answers in the comments or email them to George or Jim

Prizes Galore
(One FI sticker from the Lighthouse)

Part I Name That Saltairian

Runner: Jesse Owen, Swimmer:Michael Keegan, Canoeist:Unknown
In the Jazz Age the SYC sponsored running and swimming races. Larry lynch's father always told us that in the "old days" the medals were much nicer than what they gave out in the 1950's. In 2007 larry found some and sent these pictures. His father was right. (click to enlarge)

Carberry O'Shea Jr.


Bob Wright


Norma Ervin


Hank Stillgebauer


Ann Keegan

7 8 9

7.John Pfoh 8.Mr Aherne 9. Henry Sutherland


Jim O'Hare, Jerry Friend, Tim Scanlan, O-By Joe Scanlan, Noel Fuestel, Terry Cunningham

Kevin Cunningham, Allen Aherne, Turtle, Tolly Ludlow, Jean Campbell

21. JOH

22(name both)

Michael Bernstein & Chris Boyman

Ms. Terry O'Cpnnor. Yacht Club Stewardess

Chuck Foster & Vinny Young


Uncle Pete Kuracheck


Helen Krolokowski


Suzanne Punnett


Mayor Ludlow & Ginny Millus(?)


Jill Imray


Squirt Aherne


Lord Titus Salt

32 (hint:same person)

Frank (Monk) Mina

Part II: Answer the following questions

1. Site of teen-age beach parties - Dune 13

2. What type aircraft did Mr. Dunseith land on the beach No one seems to know

3. How many Lapp children are there 11

4. How many O’Shea children are there 8

5. What instrument did Capt Al play Piano or Acordian

6. What are Baby Bluefish called Snappers

7. What was a common prank at St Andrews Church church bell ringing

8. What kind of Bike Riding was prohibited in VOS Night riding

9. Mike Coffey's assistant/helper Henry Sutherland

10. What VOS softball team was the 1976 Bicentennial Champion The Dogfish

11. What was Morgan Bentley's nickname Lightning

12. Derogatory nickname of eastern section of Saltaire Rabbit Town

13. Who was the Turtle Bobby Cerveny

14. Who was Saltaire's first Fire Chief? Lenny MaGahey

15. Which Saltarian directed "The Sting" George Roy Hill

16. Name a famous Saltaire Fashion designer Liz Clairborne, Giorgio Sant'Angelo, Roland Melandandri.

17. Name Saltaire's first real Security Chief Joe Kelly

18. Name four VOS recreation directors? Uncle Pete, Dwight Isaacson, Mel Beckel, John Glascock, Chuck Jones, Kevin Braddish
19. Name an Indigenous plant that causes skin rashes Poison Ivy

20. Who was the original owner of Fire Island Ferries Elmer Patterson

21. When was Saltaire incorporated 1917

22. Name five owners of the Saltaire Market Prelewitz, Volbracht, Elton, Severe, Whitney, Davis, Lang

23. Name the company which originally developed Saltaire Fire Island Development Company

24. Nickname of easternmost bay front locale in Saltaire Coffey Point

25. Name two well known radio/tv newscasters who resided in Saltaire Stan Z Burns & Charles Collingwood

26. Where was the fire Island "Pirate Ship" located Dunewood

27. Name four bars in ocean beach Housers, Matthews,Maguires, CJs

28. Who organized the Saltaire Jogathon? Susan Marcus


Anonymous said...

Where are the essay questions?

dogfish islander said...

Is this contest rigged? I diligently answered all the questions during the exciting grand finale of the Stupidbowl--and have not received a numerical or letter grade from Professor O'Hare. Perhaps I did not press the right button to send the comment--you can't teach an old Dogfish new computer tricks.

Dogfish Islander said...

dogfish islander said...
Okay Professor O'Hare--the dog did not eat the Dogfish test exam--the internet apparently did--who do I blame--Al Gore--he's the guy who has predicted Saltaire's inevitable fate---Now quickly here are my answers--you have to match them to the numbers because I have to catch a train int the city shortly-----!-32, Paul Schmidt, Carbury O'Shea, Bob Wright, Norma Ervin, Hank Stillgebauer, Anne Keegan, John Pfoh, Mr. Aherne Sr., beats me, You don't want to know these "young athletes"--they are JOH, Chris Wright, Tim Scanlan, "Dogfish Joe" Scanlan, Capt. Noel, Terry Cunningham, Kevin Cunningham, Allen Aherne, Bobby Cerveny, Tolly Ludlow and Jeanne Campbell--the Dogfish were the FIRST team to crack the gender barrier! Number 21-Jim O' Hare, a young frustrated softballer and future Dogfish lensman., Michael Bernsteinand Chris Boyman, Beats me, Underage booze thieves-one possibly on the left Mike Fitzgerald, GOD-a.k.a. Uncle Pete without his white nose, Helen Krolikowski, Suzanne Punnett whose paintings on e-bay now sell for record amounts, Mayor John Ludlow, Puddy Greer, Bob Aherne, Sir Titus Salt or possibly Karl Marx, F.X.M. a.k.a. Monkey Mina. Now for the 1-28 list--13, B-52 Bomber, 11, 11, accordion, Snappers, bell ringing, night, Henry, DOGFISH, Litening, Whittemore, Gonder Baby, Rabbit-town--also Cerveny City, Bobby Cerveny, Lenny Mc Gahey, George Roy Hill, Chief Joe Kelly, Suzanne Punnett--again--her gold lame circa 1966 bathing suit recently sold on e-bay to a Chris Kartalis of Bayport, N.Y. for $23,000, her straw hat with the daisy growing out of it which Jerry Dunseith always wanted to water went for $7,672.,Kurachek, Isacksen, Glascock, Burrell and Beckel, Poison Ivy, Elmer Patterson, 1917, Lange, Severe, Vollbracht, Prellwitz, Whitney, Fire Island Beach Development Company, Coffey Point, although the aerial view on the blogspot site might give "Joint Point" on Dogfish Island the distinction.,Charles Collingwood and Stan Z. Burns, Dunewood, Houser's, Goldies,(now the Island Mermaid),Sea Turtle (now a Baptist Church), Maquire's,

--how about a "cup" like in the good old Labor Day Awards ceremony?

beaver said...

1)runner - Jesse owen, swimmer - Michael Keegan;2)King Carberry Francis Matther O'Shea jr;3)Will Veronese;4)Norma Ervin;5)Hank Stilgebauer;6)Meegan Keegan's mother;7)John Pfoh(ny);8)Mr Aherne;9)Henry Sutherland;10-20)JOH, Chris Wright,Tim Scanlan, Dogfish Joe,Noel Feustel, Terrence Patrick Studingham,Kevin Cunningham, Alan Aherne, Turtle, Tolly Ludlow, unk female;21)JOH;22)??;23)Terry O'Conner;24)Chick Fistah,Vinny Young;25)Uncle Pete;26)Helen Krowlokowski;27)Suzanne Punnett;28John Ludlow;29)??;30)Bob Aherne;31)Charles Darwin;32)Monkey Mina
1)13;2)Navy Helicopter(landed in FairHarbor to pick up beer for the crew);3)11;4)8 kids(assuming you discount the fact that Carberry was born 42yrs old);9)Henry Sutherland;10)Dogfish;11)Lightning;12)Rabbit town;13)Bobby Cerveny;14)Lenny McGahey Sr.;15)George Roy Hill;16)Roland Meladandri;17)Joe Kelly;18)Uncle Pete,Dwight Isaacson,Mel Beckel, John Glascock;19)Poison Ivy;20)Elmer Patterson;21)1917;22)Severe,Whitney,Vollbracht,Davis, Lange;23)FI BEach Development Company;24)Coffey Point;25)Stan Z Burns, Charles Collingwood;26)Dunewood;27)Housers,Sandpiper,Matthews,Maguires;28)Chipper Risbeck

Beaver said...

I believe the canoeist on the SYC medal is either Chingachgook or Captain Baldwin

Peter said...

Does anyone have information about Suzanne Punnett's artwork and history as an artist? I have a painting signed by her and the only thing I found on the web about her is in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!