Could everyone write one simple essay about something that once happened in Saltaire…that they saw or were a part of…and put it on one big website? Somebody should collect a lot of stories before we all forget. Otherwise it is like a line in “On The Beach” : The history of the war that now would never be written.” -(JO'H)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are the Words of the Prophets Still Written on the Boardwalk Planks, and Sidewalk Slabs?

Derf Asks:

Is the Derf and Boom (year?) still in the concrete on the corner of Pacific?.

Liz Kelly responds:

Funny you should ask about the Derf/BoomBoom cement etching. I don't know if it is still down on BayProm although I recall Jennifer was delighted to come across it the last time she was out in Saltaire. However, just yesterday I was walking back from voting in O.B. and somewhere just east of Fair Harbor I was surprised to see a large "DERF '86!" in the cement. How did this get scratched two towns over?. Or Could there be a 2nd Derf? Dunewood Derf? (edited)

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ekelly said...

BTW, Yes the "Derf & Boom" cement etching is still on Bay Prom.