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Monday, November 5, 2012


Subject: Restoration Update

Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 16:25:55 -0700

Dear Saltairian:

We continue to make progress on storm damage repair in the Village, at what I
consider a remarkable pace in light of the logistical difficulties thrown our
way – gas shortages and restricted access only the most obvious on a long list.
But despite those obstacles, we have been able to muster a crew of over one
dozen maintenance staff for the past three days to begin the process of clearing
the Village of downed trees. We have made enough progress with that task to have
started a crew today on the task of realigning the Village boardwalks. We are
working a seven day work week, and should have the foliage clearing complete by
the middle of next week, and as that winds down we will shift more focus on the
boardwalks. We are bringing in a heavier piece of earth-moving equipment on
Monday to begin the process of moving over-washed sand from walkways back onto
the beach. Although this sand is minimal compared to what was lost, it is more
effective on the dune and currently clogs our walkways.

Simultaneously, the Fire Company has been at the beach with another dozen
volunteers undertaking the dual tasks of bringing the firehouse back into shape
from water intrusion, and securing and shutting off all large propane tanks in
the Village. Their efforts have gone a long way towards making the Village safer
and more secure. I cannot thank them enough for putting their lives on hold
these past few days and in the days ahead to help secure the Village.
Concurrently, our Security Staff has been conducting its own visual inspection
checklist of each house, which we hope to complete shortly and post on-line.

Thanks to Mayor Cox's persuasion with County and Town officials, plumbers were
brought into Saltaire earlier than planned and today began the process of
winterizing the private homes in the Village. Contractors will be allowed to
move into Saltaire shortly to begin the process of securing your homes and begin
repair efforts. This is only one example of how Mayor Cox's on-site leadership
has made a huge difference in our efforts.
Tomorrow, Sunday, engineers and code enforcement officials from the State will
begin safety and structural inspections of all houses in the Village. On Monday,
the Village has engaged two electricians to conduct inspections of the exterior
electrical components (overhead service drops, meter pans, connections, outside
wiring) of all houses to identify potential problem that should be addressed
prior to energizing the electrical power in the Village. They will also assure
that the main circuit breaker is off at each location. LIPA has made
significant process on rebuilding the electrical grid on Fire Island, and in
fact will provide power to the Saltaire Fire House and Village Hall sometime
early next week to facilitate our operation. In the meantime, we will be setting
up an offsite office on Monday that will allow us to answer phones and have
access to the internet to more effectively manage the Village, answer your
concerns and keep you more frequently updated. I thank you for your patience in
that regard as office operations in Saltaire, without power, water, heat, phone
and internet has made communications difficult - but I felt it important that I
oversee initial operations from Saltaire rather than offsite. Donna will
primarily be in the mainland office and I will remain primarily be in Saltaire.

As Mayor Cox has noted in his updates, all of our staff realize how anxious you
are about your homes and your ability to return to inspect and secure them. We
are diligently working to stabilize the infrastructure, assure emergency
operation capability, inspect and secure your homes - all toward the goal of
allowing your safe return to your home. Thanks for being patient.


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c.l. ball said...

Where are Cox's updates? The Village site is not updated; same for SCAA. The Fire Dept. just has one post:

our Security Staff has been conducting its own visual inspection checklist of each house, which we hope to complete shortly and post on-line.

Great. What's the link?