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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fire Island Sandy Storm Impressions

Justin forwards this impression from a friend of a friend. This is second or third hand information, has some subjective opinions,  and was not independently verified, so please read it as such. E.g. "dead deer?" We have pictures of live deer.

Location: New York > Fire Island > Robert Moses- Democrat Point update

Date: November 3, 2012 7:54 AM
Posted by: Iplayfair
Method: Boat

A buddy of mine has a nephew stationed at the Fire Island Coast Guard station and got some of the rundown.
First off- The big aluminum (roll over) boat was sent offshore before the storm hit to weather the storm. It returned 24 hours later to an inlet that was nearly closed off with not one buoy in sight.

The storm wiped the area West of the park office clean. The road by the needle is gone or buried. The Field 2 parking lot and the golf course...Gone!! It is a flat sand bar all the way as far as you can see. The only bumps on the horizon is the rocks/jetty that were in the backside of the inlet. The inlet being all but closed off had the high tide stacking water at the sore thumb pocket.

The light house and CG station are the only lighted structures on the island. The CG housing and building did well(It is made to withstand a hurricane).

A tour East of the light house and communities was horrifying. The gravel road in front of the light house is gone or buried. Many dead deer and dogs lie mangled in the debris. The towns have knee to waist high water. The only structure that did well was the school. When they approached the school the heard rustling and found 5 people that broke a window and hid out there when the storm hit its hardest. They were rescued, given dry clothes and food....Then handed a $500.00 summons for not evacuating when they should have. Travel past the communities was nearly impossible but it was reported that there are 3 area's breached East of the towns with the ocean still washing into the bay.

Tough times and a long road ahead. It will never be the same as remember by family and friends. Sandy has made her mark on Fire Island forever.


c.l. ball said...

Has the village or FD set up webpage to post updates about the status of walkthrus and the shutdown of power, water, and propane?

Thank you.

jimmy said...

I am not sure. Could somebody check?
There is a lot out there from other Fire Island communities,some official, some unofficial good stuff on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube. And see stuff we posted about Fair Haror FD, OB mayor's statement, etc below. Scroll down to PICTURES AND REPORT FROM OTHER FIRE ISLAND COMMUNITIES

Anonymous said...

Part of this is true, part isn't.