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Monday, November 12, 2012

FI Lighthouse not to Reopen until Spring or Summer

Subject: Lighthouse

Gay Gay sez:
I just spoke with one of the Park Rangers from the LH. It will probably not be reopened until the late spring or early summer. The boardwalks are gone, 3 breeches, the road from Robt. Moses bridge (around the area of the tower) is washed away & the road is closed. The bridge is closed. What was the road is now sand washed in from the beach and there are no dunes.
Things are bad, very bad.

JOH: some of the grandest dunes, and secondary dunes, used to be at the ocean near the lighthouse.
By the way, we all remember one of Bob Moses' primary argument for the road:   the road on top of the beach would anchor the sand and protect the island from erosion.   Not even Bob Moses can save us now.

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