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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fair Harbor FD Report: "By far, the biggest concern continues to be fire."

Fair Harbor Fire Department

Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Update


Here is an update on the status of our post-Sandy assessment and cleanup activities. At this time essentially all of the cleanup and remediation work that is within the control of the Fair Harbor Fire Department has been completed, including:

· A house assessment of electric service has been completed. Where access could be attained main circuit breakers have been turned -off. All houses have been tagged indicating whether or not service has been checked, main circuit breakers are off and propane has been secured and turned off.
· Downed trees impeding access and/or LIPA service have been trimmed or taken down as necessary.
· Several large sink holes impeding vehicle access have been filled with sand.
· To the extent possible sand that had washed off the dunes and collected on the walks has been cleared.
· A detailed report has been submitted to LIPA indicating the location of down power lines and LIPA poles.

By far, the biggest concern continues to be fire. To facilitate fire protection we require high pressure water service in the water mains, clear vehicle access to all communities and the ability to staff our firehouse.

Water is back on from Kismet through Lonelyville, but it remains at reduced pressure. FHFD has searched house by house for evidence of water leaks and all identified leaks have been addressed. I do not yet have a assessment from SCWA about when the water supply system will be fully pressurized.

The ability to staff our firehouse is at this point dependent on the restoration of power. Our understanding is that before restoring power, LIPA intends to do a house by house inspection; where there is evidence of water incursion they intend to pull the meters so those structures will not be re-energized until properly inspected. LIPA crews are here making repairs to the distribution system. However, we do not have any information at this time about when LIPA expects to restore power.

Beginning today electricians and other prioritized trades are able to gain access to the beach under very tight restrictions. Also. Fire Island Ferries has deployed equipment and crews, which are currently making repairs to the Fair Harbor Ferry Dock. They hope to be able to run a freight boat shortly.

I am well aware that residents want to get back on the beach to see their houses and, while that decision is not within my control, we will do everything possible to expedite this. As you may know, there is another storm – which is characterized as a nor’easter – expected to arrive late Wednesday. If we get lucky and there is no further damage from that storm, I am hopeful that folks will be allowed back shortly thereafter.

At this time, however, access to the beach remains tightly controlled by roadblocks and Suffolk County PD marine bureau are turning away boats from attempting to reach the island. State police checkpoints on the Robert Moses Causeway require identification for all passengers on vehicles heading on the beach.


Richard Scott Cherveny, Chief

Fair Harbor Fire Department

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