Could everyone write one simple essay about something that once happened in Saltaire…that they saw or were a part of…and put it on one big website? Somebody should collect a lot of stories before we all forget. Otherwise it is like a line in “On The Beach” : The history of the war that now would never be written.” -(JO'H)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Before and After Aerial Photos Showing the Saltaire Ocean Front After Hurricane Sandy

Before and after

Here you can compare the ocean front before and after the storm. In 2009 the Village spent a lot of bucks to restore the oceanfront  and they hired  a guy with a drone to take movies of what it looked like after the restoration. You can see Gary Glecckert's video here: has the best batch of aerial  photos of Fire Island after Sandy.  Go to this website to see photos that they  urge to "share with your friends and family."

Since Sandy, a number of sites have shown aerials. It is not  known if the Village is hiring another drone.
But here are some images from after Sandy

We noticed a seies of pictures showing Saltaire oceanfront post-Sandy. A couple of breaches along the length of Saltaire are noted: From these distant  photos it looks like Pacifc Walk and slightly  east may have opened up more that other parts of the Saltaire oceanfront . Look at the third picture down. Just east of Pacific walk has seen some overflow in recent years.  There is some suggestion that a recently added handicap access ramp  at the Pacific Walk may have increased the vulnerability at an already vulnerable location. 

Breach Near Beach

Big Gaping Wound: The  largest breach at Saltaire  may be at Pacific walk: Baum/Schlosser/Rappaport 

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Martha Levinson said...

Hi All,

This is Marty Levinson writing (I think the machine ate my first try)...
We live up in Massachusetts now but
we have many fond and importantmemories of Saltaire. I babysat and counselored my way through adolescence there and came on weekends well into middle age.
One my my best memories is of AJ and Hank walking down Pacific for the last time on
the way to the ferry. I
remember Paul being a Security person, camp, my mother's bridge parties and
drinks at the Stones on Pilot Walk,
doing my exercise by biking up and down
each walk, complaining about the new
houses with air conditioning that
isolated them, etc., etc.

Though we don't have the house at 117
Pacific anymore, the Balabans do and we
were very happy that it stayed in a
Saltaire family. We truly wish you the
best in digging out, re-piping, re-
decking, cleaning and airing after this
horrible storm.