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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Note: Helen Weinlandt passed away on March 20, 2014.  She lived 103 years.

The only way to do it: with friends and good cheer.

Who can see a relative here?

Ans: they waited out a hurricane together in 1957. (Or was it only yesterday?)
The only thing Jeff W. never told me: Where the hell were the kids during this horrible hurricane?
Who's who:
Five seated in front from left: Oliver Hull; Georgiana Hull; Bill Weinlandt; Helen Weinlandt; Rita Connelly.
Three in rear: Paul Connelly (II?) Mr.Aherne and Mrs. Aherne.


Anonymous said...

Harriet and Bob Aherne
Georgiana and Oliver Hull
Rita and Paul Connelley
Helen and Bill Weinlandt

BigE. said...

Who's who in the fab shot from 57?

DPMcManus said...

Hope FI folk came through the storm all right! The original predictions had me worried about how the island would fare. Even in its lessened form, Irene still packed a lot of power. Take care, all!

Anonymous said...

Rita and Paul Connelly