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Monday, January 18, 2010

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

The Schmitts, Mrs. Paul Connelly, and Mrs. Lynch held fundraisers. Lots of early Saltairians were Brooklynites.

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The First Vanilla church was Chocolate, just like St. Andrew's is today. The first Mass was held July, 1926. That is Msgr. William T. Dillon, J.D., a big shot in the Diocese of Brooklyn and the pastor of the Catholic church, 1926-1938. After 1938 he was transferred to Ocean Beach.

The original church was south of Lighthouse Promenade, across from where the present church now stands. It was destroyed in the hurricane of 1938.
Margaret M. McQuillan, now known as Mrs. Peggy Mina received her first communion at Star of the Sea in June, 1928. Here she is in front of the original McQuillan house on her First Communion day.

Eagle Article and photo of Msgr. Dillon courtesy Larry Lynch. McQuillan pix courtesy Frank Mina.
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Beaver said...

Tiny island seven miles off the coast of the UNITED STATES?? That, at the time, was beyond US territorial waters. Does that mean SALTAIRE was, and continues to be, a unique foreign country exempt from US laws? Do you need a passport to visit Saltiare or will a NY enhanced drivers license suffice? Is there a terrorist watch list in effect to keep jihadists out of the village?