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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cholera and Long Island Baymen, 1892

October 1, 1892 Illustrated American
Read The Illustrated American's  October 1, 1892  account of the Cholera scare that led to a confrontation near what is now Kismet. When the the ship Normania arrived from Europe on September 3, 1892 it was denied entry to New York because of a Cholera epidemic on board. A plan was hatched to transfer the passengers to the Cephus (shown here) from which they would be transported to the Surf Hotel on Fire Island, near what is now Kismet. A mob of baymen and "clam diggers" prevented the Cephus from unloading its passengers at the Surf Hotel dock. Partial Text of the reports of the affair as reported in Harpers Weekly  and Illustrated American is below. We have more stuff we prefer no to publish now but is of depressing historical import.

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