Could everyone write one simple essay about something that once happened in Saltaire…that they saw or were a part of…and put it on one big website? Somebody should collect a lot of stories before we all forget. Otherwise it is like a line in “On The Beach” : The history of the war that now would never be written.” -(JO'H)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No setting sun?

It still rained. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. History in the making. We will look back and recall this, perhaps really now, as the wettest of them all. Poor Chip and his humid Hershey's ice cream. No one's buying. Tennis camp lobbed a few in between drops. The librarian is back in town. The ducks are still in charge of the field. If you were looking out for the position of the setting sun this solstice weekend you had to give up at some point. What was the longest day was more like the longest twilight, or dawn, or overcastiness. Even Harry B. had to refer back to his sketches of the sun's position from last year to remember how it sets so nicely along a certain landmark. Sunny revelations we hope this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Brian Scott, Saltaire, summer 2008


jimmy said...

We passed the fields of grazing grass
We passed the setting sun...

Anonymous said...

Jim- are you going to add my sun set picture w/ the bridge as well? Justin