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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saltaire in the 1850's

I recently was looking at a map of portions of Suffolk County in the mid-1850's. Fire Island is part of this map.
East Island was actually three separate islands at that time. Clam Cove appears much larger than it is at present, although the accuracy of this old map may be questioned. Clam Cove would appear to encompass a fair portion of present day Saltaire.
The map also designates a number of the residents of Fire Island and the location of their homes. Sammis and Felix Dominy's hotels are noted, but there are two additional residents that I have never heard of. J. Ketcham is located just east of the Dominy House in Kismet, or possibly Saltaire. Incredibly, the map notes a resident of Saltaire in the mid 1850's, one "S. Oaks". Who is S. Oaks? Did he really have a house on the bay in Saltaire?
There is clearly more research to be done and more to learn about Saltaire.


JOH adds:

Thanks Cosmo for becoming an authority on the Surf Hotel and Dominy. Here is a picture of the Surf Hotel. Saltaire's Baum family is descended from the Sammis family.

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JOH said...

The "Duke" was the Duke of Earl.He later became a recording artist.