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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The First Fitting! Saltaire Women Preparing to get all Dolled up for the September 6 Reunion

courtesy Denny Dwyer
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This is at the , er, first fitting for the big reunion on September 6. This exclusive photo was taken by our on the spot photographer in 1957 or so. It seems the girls were at a Jones Beach Marine Theater production of Show Boat. That is not captain Al, nor is it Capt. Kangaroo, in the background. Could it be Bob Moses himself? Or could it be Guy Lombardo? Any guesses? Denny Dwyer tells us that the girls in the picture include: Denny Dwyer, Merry Ahern, Susie Fitzgerald, Jeannie Connelly ?, Marsha Clay, ?, Uncle Pete's daughter, ?,?.

Welcome back, the Dwyer family. All Saltairians miss you guys.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Mary Kate Wrigney to the right of Marcia Clay to me.

Richard McM

Bill Stillgebauer said...

Uncle Pete's daughter was Mary Lou, third from the right. The girl right of her is Diana Goode,the daughter of Canon Goode who was the rector at St. Andrews,usually i8n July.

Anonymous said...

Fun picture. Thanks for this blog. That is indeed my mom, Jeannie Connelly, 4th in from the left.

Darcy Langdon