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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Birth of the Dogfish, A's and Z's

The Birth of the Dogfish, A's and Z's

By Noel Feustel

Come on guys--do the research--"Danny's Boy's" sounds like a team that would play the Cherry Grove "Grovettes". They were in reality the self proclaimed "A" team. Being a sporting egalitarian. I said, along with Terry Cunningham, his brothers Bill and Kevin, Turtle Cerveny and assorted other athletically challenged Uncle Pete alums--"nuts" to such elitism--we would become the "Z" team, letting the fan base decide who were the top dogs of Saltaire softball. We eventually grabbed Alan Aherne as a "Z: teamer and set out in those fog shrouded days to create a new name. Turtle suggested the "Mudsharks", Alan wanted the "Dorkomorph's". We sat down for a beer fueled team confab and cooked up THE DOGFISH!, the rest is history. Many outstanding "stars" saw action back in happier times--Dogfish Joe Scanlan, Cosmo Hull, Chris and Jimmy Sconzo, Chip Jones, Ernie Galt and Mac Hill, to name a few--the pre-game warm-ups on the Hill porch were legendary. The funniest although potentially most tragic catch of all time (beside Dogfish Joe's "stand-up sit down beer in hand" right field snag) was when Cosmo almost got riddled with Secret Service bullets while chasing a fly that was headed toward that "historic" woman who ran for high office back in 1984. George Orwell never would have predicted such a happenstance event--"softball right fielder shot by government agents". THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE DOGFISH---ALL DESERVE DESIGNATION AS THE WORST WHO BECAME THE BEST----a team that were always "contrary to ordinary". 1976 Bicentennial Champs--1986 Liberty Centennial Champs--ALL ELSE PALES IN COMPARISON--and what other team had a "live Gorilla" a.k.a. hirsute Abie D. Baby as a guest catcher? Add to this the shattering of the sexist glass softball ceiling by placing Jean Campbell in shortfield--eons ahead of the Starkey token female rule.--


high up in the hills of Pennsylvania where I've taken up golf and lawn bowling, both activity skills helped by those competitive days on the Saltaire ballfield.


Ernie Galt said...

Aloha from Kona Hawaii

Abie Baby, now there's a name that
brings back some funny memories. Big guy with a high squeaky voice. Quite a character.

Found this site thru my sister Betty. Good times growing up in Saltaire. Was out there back in 2002 and ran into some great old friends.

Aloha, Your old buddy Ernie

jimmy said...

Ernie: thanks for your comment.

please send us your e mail address,

Please vote for the Saltaire all time ball players

cosmo said...

Hail to the Dogfish-The Greatest, if not the best team in Saltaire Softball History. The Excitables, except for the pitcher, catcher and first baseman, all lying down on their backs when Cosmo came up to bat, and he still was thrown out. Bats Alive. The Baseline Bark! You won't ever see anything like it again.