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Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Mike Coffey 1955
photo by Bill Weinlandt
Courtesy Jeff Weinlandt


BEAVER said...

"A penny for his thoughts"

Mike is probably wondering - where is my "neer do well grandson, Michael Keegan?"

Jeff said...

I can tell you exactly what he was wondering because the picture was taken on our back deck..."where's that can of Ballantine that Bill promised me?"

BEAVER said...

Jeff - Good One!

"And Bill could you spare a "wee" bit of beer for me grandson Michaal"

Anonymous said...

Wow!! If that is not an incredible likeness of the man I knoew as "grandpa" there is none...thanks for sharing

JOH said...

Now that looks like a terrific Grandpa. But Meegan is a Grandpa? I occasionly wonder where time goes.

Anonymous said...

WEll, we can tell you that this IS our grnadpa! Nasty Pete and all. We will check this on occasion~let us know if you remember us!
Patti and Cathy Coffey-Flynn Our mom is Kathleen Coffey Flynn, Michael's youngest daughter.

Speckled Veechie said...

Meegan's Youngest daughter?