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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who's On Board, 1958

click photo for a big enlargement of this photo of the Islander from 1958
Photo copyright Relic Wright, 2008


Anonymous said...

John Viglione, Mr. & Mrs. Lynch(Larry & Donna's parents), and possibly Mary Lou Kurachek are the only recognizable people in this photo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw your lips I head your voice
believe me I just had no choice
Wild horses couldn't make me stay away
I thought about a moonlit night
My arms around you good and tight
That's all I had to see for me to say.....

Hello Mary Lou
Goodbye heart
Sweet Mary Lou
I'm so in love with you
I knew Mary Lou
We'd never part
So hello Mary Lou
Goodbye heart

apologies to Ricky Nelson

Anonymous said...

Could be George McManus, fourth from the right in the row of standing men, wearing a yellow V-neck sweater.