Could everyone write one simple essay about something that once happened in Saltaire…that they saw or were a part of…and put it on one big website? Somebody should collect a lot of stories before we all forget. Otherwise it is like a line in “On The Beach” : The history of the war that now would never be written.” -(JO'H)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Photo courtesy Teegan

This little masterpiece shows more Saltaire kids than you can shake a stick at.

Name 'em

Just click on the word "comments" and enter all the names you can think of in the drop down box.

Patsy Scanlan seems to have picked out 11 of the Sweet 16:

Teegan's Treasure -Veronica Lernihan, Terry Keegan, Diane McManus, Ann Connolly, Barbara Keegan, Patty McManus, Janet Standard, Robert Standard, Kathleen Keegan, Frank Connolly, David Standard.

Others including Big Foot's little sister to be revealed by Teegan

And many thanks to Teegan


cosmo said...

Is that Ann Connely in back on the left, and Frank Connely on the right behind the striped shirt?

joh said...

Sorry, COSMO

That is that Ann Connolly in back on the left, and Frank Connolly on the right behind the striped shirt.


JOh said...

The answer is:

"That is Ann Connolly and Frank Connolly (as in "And Connolly and Pearse." (see sidebar)


Derf said...

We need all the names here. Anne, and Terry and Janet look exactly the same as they do now. I'm guessing there are some Lapps in there, There are 16 visible kids. How about David and Robert Standard as the other 2 boys that are only heads. And the 2 girls up front could be Katie Lapp and Kathleen Keegan.

JOH said...

Here is a hint: there is a sister of "Big Toe" in the picture.

Derf said...

Are you saying the cute girl in the front left is Carol Scott?

Teegan said...

No that is not Carol..this was taken before the Scotts came to Saltaire.
Two kids will remain unnamed...I believe they were rentors.
Anyone care to guess on the occasion? And here is a hint it is not a birthday party not for Capt Al nor Cap Baldwin

JOH said...

JOH said...
I think it is a picture taken the day before the 1938 Hurricane- 70 years ago this summer! This proves that all you Guys and Dolls from Saltaire, from Cathleen up to Beegan, are between 75 and 83 years old now. And in real life none of you look a day over my age of 61. (LOL)

Tempus Fugit.


March 23, 2008 10:09 AM

Anonymous said...

Big Toe had a little sister?? Derf - you insulted some of the girls by saying that they look the same today as in yesteryear - fresh faced and flat chested??

Anonymous said...

Veronica Lernihan!!!!

That's a name from the past -

The Lernihan kids I recall were probably the closest there ever were to there being "feral" children in Saltaire.

JOH said...

The Lernihans lived in the Parker Towers in Forest Hills.

Anonymous said...

The Lernihans - I think they rented(??) the house on the west side of West Walk that Ali Beqaj owns now. I remember one day they were all basically bouncing off the walls(pre Ritalin days). The parents gave one of the boys an ice cream cone which he proceeded to drop in the sand - he picked it up and continued eating it(sand and all)

JOH said...



Anonymous said...

Is the answer as to why you never have to starve on the beach that you can catch and eat feral cats??

The ghost of Ginny Millus will haunt you if you do that!

Tanker said...

I think the answer to Jimmy's riddle is, "Because you can always eat the sandwiches there [sand which is there -- ouch!]" I can't guess any more names, but I'm wondering if the occasion might be the welcome-home party for Terry's grandfather, Mike Coffey, when he returned from a trip to Ireland in the ealry '60s.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the answer to a JOH riddle - next time you talk to him ask him "why cream is more expensive than milk" He's been carrying that one around for nearly 50 years now.

JOH said...


Richardinhingham said...

Not only are my sisters Pat and Diane visible (Pat is wishing this photo never came to light) but they correctly point out that Jack is peering out next to Frank Connolly and Pete is highly blond in a striped shirt right next to him.

I am guessing this was some sort of Standard or McManus or Keegan birthday. Teegan will know which!

Anonymous said...

Jack McManus might be peeking out from behind Kathleen Keegan and that could be Pete McManus in the striped shirt in the foreground.