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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Legends of the lifeguards


Crack Saltaire lifeguard Catherine Jameson recently put her years of experience and training with the Saltaire Ocean Rescue team to work when she saved the life of a man stricken in an exercise gym.

While she was working out on a treadmill on February 25, Catherine was summoned: "I was wearing my Saltaire Ocean Rescue sweatshirt, and that apparently tipped them off to the fact that I might know something about CPR," she said. She acted instinctively:

"It quickly became obvious that an older guy had collapsed while running. He was no longer breathing and he had no pulse. I got my hands on a mask and an AED. A couple rounds of CPR and one shock later, I had a strong pulse and 6 breaths per minute."

When the ambulance arrived Jameson was able to turn the breathing and stabilized patient over to the waiting paramedics.

Jameson credited her experience with the Saltaire Ocean Rescue squad for handling this unexpected emergency: "Thanks to the skills imparted to me by Rich Wilde and Nicole Young in eight years worth of CPR classes, I was able to save a life," she said on Tuesday.

So congratulations from saltaire38 to Hero Jameson, Chief Wilde, Nicole Young and the whole crew of past and present Lifeguards for a life well saved.

Ms. Jameson said it best:

"I wanted to say thanks for all those mornings spent in the library and fire house in CPR training...I doubt I would have been able to figure out what the hell to do with a half-dead guy wedged between two treadmills without them."

Another inspiring true lifeguard story.

Only on

Chief Lifeguard Rich Wilde adds:

The best part of the story - SHE HATES RUNNING. She was only there because she was getting ready for the annual lifeguard Re-Hire test.

Also, the guy she saved..........she found out today that he works in her office and she didn't even know it.(Big law office). She is a paralegal.

Nicloe Young has been an ocean guard for 10 years. She is a Health teacher in Rockland County and also the resident VOS expert in CPR.

She lives in Kismet in the summers, but is Saltaire through and through.

Dr Jimi Sconzo adds:

Way to go Cath! -But did you finish your work out?

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